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Is this all there is in life?

þ College degree and graduate degree(s).

þ High-paying job.

þ Nice house.

þ Nice car(s).

þ Spouse.

þ Country club membership.

þ Child.

þ Promotion – making even more.

þ Another child. Maybe a third.

þ Vacation home.

You’ve checked all the boxes. You did everything you were supposed to do. Everything you were taught to do. Everything you thought you wanted to do. You have all the things – all the things of a “good life.”

Yet, for some reason, you aren’t happy. You aren’t content. There’s not much satisfaction or gratification in life. Whether it’s the hamster on the wheel or Groundhog Day – the metaphors hit home for you.

Is this all there is in life?




Coaching will help you see this. Through coaching, you will discover (or create) those activities and experiences that excite you, that light you up, that leave you satisfied. You will learn to courageously make those shifts you know you must make. The ones that that voice in your head has mentioned. It may be taking that other job opening you were too afraid to take. It may be starting that business (or hobby) you’ve been thinking about for the past six years. Or you may realize that that list of things above really is important to you, so you will shift your relationship to those things – to one that brings you joy. Or peace. Or happiness.


This is definitely not all there is in life!

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