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Sandy Beach




If you're asking yourself

any of these questions:

Is this all there is in life?
Whose life am I living?
Where am I going?
Which path should I take?

What does coaching with John-Paul look like?

Conversations - Awareness - Actions - Growth 

You and I will have Conversations, by phone, weekly, for an hour.

You will become Aware - of limiting beliefs, blindspots, and patterns that don't support you.

You will also start being intentional about the design of your life.

You will declare and take the Actions necessary to generate the experience of life you want.

You will develop and sustain new perspectives, attitudes, skills, and behaviors.

Your learning and development will lead to personal (and often professional) Growth.

All of this happens inside a container of Confidentiality and Trust, which we create together.

What is Coaching?


“As a life coach, John-Paul was good at adapting to my level and, as the coaching progressed, helping me raise the heat to achieve more and more of my life design. His flexibility also gave me the right space to decide what action plans I could follow through on, which as a father of 3 under 7, husband, and primary bread winner, was invaluable to keeping it all together. Also, gotta love those t-shirts!"

C.K., M&A Attorney at International Law Firm

“It has been a pleasure working with John-Paul. He is approachable, attentive, caring and flexible. Our calls every week empower me to generate action in a way that is empowering, meaningful and actionable. Our work together motivates me to be a better version of myself and make the most of my potential, as a professional, friend, and human being."

M.A., Emergency Room Physician

About John-Paul

About John-Paul

Hi, I'm John-Paul Schick, and I am a life and leadership coach.  After 22 years as a successful business and commercial real estate lawyer, a deep desire to make a bigger difference led me to coaching. While I still practice law, as a coach I now work with busy professionals (often lawyers), who want more out of life. I've shifted from making a difference in a deal or  a project to making a difference in people's lives.

I was born and raised in Venezuela. I earned a B.A. in Philosophy from Davidson College and a law degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I have played soccer all of my life, and today I play indoor soccer (though my bad knees forced a move into the goal several years ago).

When not working, I enjoy hiking, rock concerts, home repair projects, and anything outdoors. I live with my wife and two teenage sons in Durham, North Carolina. They are the center of my life, inspiring me daily to be a better person. Podcasts, non-fiction books, and documentaries feed my love of learning.

To learn more about me:

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